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At BlackHorse Golf & Country Resort we encourage our members and the public to respect and cooperate with our rules and policies so that everyone who golfs at BlackHorse is treated with the same respect and equality and can expect to play their game in an enjoyable setting!

Dress Code

  • No beachwear

  • No muscle shirts, tank-tops or halter tops

  • No cut-off apparel of any kind

  • Sandals are discouraged

  • Soft spikes only

Alcohol Policy

  • Alcohol must be purchased from BlackHorse Golf & Country Resort.

  • Alcohol may not be brought onto the golf course from outside sources. To do so is illegal by law and violates the Liquor Control Act.

  • Players violating this policy will be asked to relinquish their alcohol until the completion of their round.

  • Serious offenders will be asked to leave the property.

  • Any on course staff or assistants have the authority to initiate control of these policies.

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